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24 Leeches (2020)

24 Leeches is a camping story told by my son Josiah when he was 8 years old. The film takes place during a 10-day canoeing and camping trip to the Slate Islands of Ontario, Canada on Lake Superior. It was scripted from campfire conversations that we shared during this and other trips. In August 2019 I lost my sweet boy to a fungal brain infection contracted during treatment for leukemia. He was 10 years old. The project has now become a memorial to my best friend and adventure buddy. I ache to know what he would have become.

The Michigan Ice Film (2016) and festival version Fallen Feather

Pro climber Sam Elias explores the little known ice climbing of Michigan's Upper Peninsula in this excerpt of The Michigan Ice film. For the full length film visit:

Cold Rolled (2014)

Cold Rolled launched the fat bike and winter cycling movement by tracing the history, culture and characters of winter cycling in Marquette, Michigan that led to the development of winter-specific bike trails.

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